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Life Cycle Asset Management

Life Cycle Asset Management (LCAM)

Life Cycle Engineering’s Life Cycle Asset Management (LCAM) program is a reliability-inspired capital improvement solution that delivers the shortest time to market with the greatest return on net assets and the lowest total ownership cost.

Our matrix model weaves the key concepts of Front End Loading (business needs definition, capital alternative analysis, project design basis definition, project execution planning, and project risk analysis) into a framework of reliability consulting, engineering and education that includes all phases of asset management from conceptual design, through the feasibility study, preliminary design, detailed design, procurement, construction, start-up commissioning, and then finally decommissioning and disposal at end of life. The result is an asset management plan, processes, and procedures that imbed best practices in corporate objectives and yield the maximum overall equipment effectiveness.

Life Cycle Asset Management Services:

Life Cycle Engineering’s LCAM team offers project management, consulting/management services, engineering and technical support, and training development and delivery. Services include:

What can LCE’s Life Cycle Asset Management Services offer you?

LCE’s unique LCAM approach adds tested reliability excellence principles to the benefits of comprehensive planning and design early in a project’s life cycle. We apply our experience maximizing reliability in currently existing manufacturing sites to help you plan and implement new assets and plants that will produce the best financial return from your investment.

Implementing a holistic reliability approach from the very beginning of the asset planning process produces significant business benefits including:


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