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Reliability Excellence® Consulting

LCE’s Reliability Consulting Group (RCG) provides consulting, services and education. Our team specializes in providing client-specific solutions that help organizations improve their operating performance. RCG’s 30 years of field experience has contributed greatly to the evolution of Reliability Excellence (Rx). Our Powered by Rx® approach creates reliability-centric standard practices for business processes, operational and maintenance work execution, asset reliability and organizational effectiveness. Our “diagnose before prescribing” philosophy results in providing optimum solutions to our clients’ needs, including holistic transformations based upon our Reliability Excellence Model, targeted reliability and asset management services necessary to resolve specific tactical issues that are limiting performance, and change management services vital to the success and sustainability of most initiatives. Industry experts, unique methodologies and comprehensive educational offerings have made LCE a leading provider of reliability solutions worldwide. 
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Lean Manufacturing

A disciplined Reliability Excellence approach to achieving operational stability and continuous improvement is foundational to successful Lean initiatives. LCE’s Reliability Excellence Model fully incorporates critical Lean aspects in the education, assessment and implementation phases of our proprietary three wave methodology.
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Line Performance Optimization®, Powered by Rx®

LCE’s Line Performance Optimization (LPO) model fully integrates key Reliability Excellence concepts with selected lean tools supported by a well-defined change management process that ensures sustainability.
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Reliability Services

The Reliability Consulting Group’s reliability services are designed to help manufacturers rapidly improve operational performance. These targeted services can help you increase the reliability of your processes and procedures, reduce downtime and maximize the productivity of your assets.
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Change Management Consulting

At the core of LCE’s methodology is the integration of the technical side and the people side of change. Based upon the industry-leading Prosci® methodology, LCE brings structured processes, tools and expertise to your organization as you prepare for the change, manage and lead the change, and then reinforce the change to sustain the new performance level. Through education, training and coaching, we help make your change initiative a success and increase your organization’s change skills and readiness.
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Life Cycle Asset Management

LCE’s Life Cycle Asset Management (LCAM) program is a reliability-inspired capital improvement solution that delivers the shortest time to market with the greatest return on net assets and the lowest total ownership cost.
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Asset Management Services

LCE’s Asset Management Services (AMS) team helps our customers jump-start their asset performance management programs.  Whether you are re-implementing an old system or migrating to a new Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), or an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, it is an enormous undertaking that demands the right people with the right knowledge and skill set to ensure the proper installation of the critical elements of your asset performance management system.
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