Architecture is a fundamental part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Traditional architecture has served the role of working with the business and/or requirements analysts to learn what problem needs to be solved and designing an appropriate solution to hand to the development team for implementation. This "ivory tower" model of architecture has been challenged in the past few years by the evolution of the agile methodology. Agile notions such as delayed decisions, iterative development and frequent releases push the need for strong architectural involvement in all phases of the SDLC, forcing a closer relationship between architecture and development and removing the need for having all solutions up front. Instead of focusing on long-term strategy and production of heavy architectural models, the architect must now provide light-weight solutions that solve immediate issues while still keeping an eye on long-term strategy.

LCE has a breadth of experience implementing both agile and traditional approaches. Our experience spans all aspects of architecture, including enterprise, software, service oriented, systems, network, and infrastructure.


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