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When you and a colleague register to attend Reliability Engineering Excellence, Risk-Based Asset Management, or Root Cause Analysis, one of you can attend for free. This offer applies to classes taking place in 2013 when both registrations are received by December 31, 2012.*
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Studies have shown that learning retention improves when people attend classes in teams. Also, managers become more engaged sponsors of new initiatives after attending relevant training programs. Gain a greater buy-in for implementing new ideas and methodologies by inviting a colleague to come along.

Why should your organization send two or more people to training?
If your organization really wants to improve performance – and sustain that improvement – it needs more than one well-trained individual. It needs to develop an organization-wide, shared competency for identifying and solving problems. We are strong advocates for establishing a strong foundation of reliable operations. Creating that foundation requires the skill sets taught in the courses below.


Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis (RCA) is more than learning the right tools to determine the underlying cause of failures. True root cause focuses on continuous improvement and identifying the latent and human causes of reoccurring failures. Most root cause analysis training falls short, merely teaching you how to use tools but not how to determine the latent and human causes of a failure. The result: failures will continue to reoccur because you are only addressing symptoms.

In this course you will focus on learning a process for root cause analysis, establishing a culture of continuous improvement, and creating a proactive environment. Learn to ask the right questions, establish triggers that drive you to the RCA process, and perform cost-benefit analysis.

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Risk-Based Asset Management

Risk-Based Asset Management (RBAM) steps you through the fundamental building blocks to create a strategy for implementing a successful asset management program from cradle to grave. During the class, receive hands-on instruction while preparing control strategies that ultimately help you reduce risk and achieve the greatest asset utilization at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Risk-Based Asset Management takes a holistic approach that addresses not only infrastructure needs, but also the supporting people, business processes, data and enabling technologies critical to success. This course will show you how to maximize your CMMS and EAM systems to make data-driven decisions.

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Reliability Engineering Excellence

The Reliability Engineer (RE) is the business advisor to facility maintenance and production. In this role, the RE mitigates the risks associated with managing assets by encouraging interdepartmental partnerships focused on the goal of reliable production. This strategic position is responsible for evaluating and predicting performance to achieve the greatest asset utilization at the lowest total cost of ownership. The RE sees all aspects of proper plant function, puts equipment first, and makes decisions based on how machines function and their impact on production. Just as a business advisor must balance policy and diplomacy, the RE must be dedicated to preserving asset reliability and managing risk.

In this 3-day course, you will learn what it means to be a Reliability Engineer, how to build and sustain a strategic Reliability Engineering program, and how to gain support from other departments to achieve your facility’s reliability goals.

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*Registrations must be received by December 31, 2012. Registrations must be from the same company and for the same class offering. No half-price option for single registrations. 


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