Bob Fei to Present at the Fall ESOP Forum in Salt Lake City

Bob Fei Presentation Graphic

Bob Fei, President and CEO at Life Cycle Engineering, will co-present a session with Gray Somerville, Co-founder and CEO of LaunchPath Innovation, at the National Center for Employee Ownership’s Fall ESOP Forum in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The session, titled “The Power of a Company-Wide Intrapreneurship Program”, will take place on Wednesday, September 18 at 10:30 AM.

During the presentation, Bob and Gray will discuss how to inspire and empower employees to both drive innovation and create long-term sustainability.

LCE’s ESOP program was implemented in 1986 with the goal of transforming an already unique culture to an ownership culture where employees benefit from our business' growth. Bob's strong advocacy for "intrapreneurship" led to the implementation of InnovateLCE!, an initiative that utilizes a web-based platform to guide, train, support, and measure employee innovation.

To learn more about The National Center for Employee Ownership’s Fall ESOP Forum, please visit the event website.

Innovate LCE Presentation Preview

Watch our video to get a preview of Bob's Innovate LCE presentation at the 2019 NCEO ESOP Forum.

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