Configuration Management

In the field of Software Engineering, Configuration Management (CM) is becoming more and more vital to a project’s success as systems become more complex and diverse. The increasing popularity of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and distributed systems makes it even harder for organizations to maintain configuration consistency and reliability. CM continues to play one of the most important roles in the success of large, complicated projects. LCE focuses on CM in four fundamental areas: configuration identification, configuration control, configuration verification and configuration status. We provide the services necessary for each project to maintain solid CM: eliminating program risk and accelerating "time to market" for software systems.

In configuration identification, our engineers are trained as both requirements analysts and business analysts to work directly with program stakeholders. Our software engineers are constantly evolving their toolset as technology advances – we investigate emerging technologies to vet their effectiveness and usefulness to the program. This can be safely and effectively accomplished in the controlled environment of the LCE Testing and Development Lab.

In the area of configuration control, we have extensive experience in creating, operating and managing Configuration Control Boards (CCBs) designed for the purpose of evaluating, approving and monitoring all changes to Configuration Items (CIs) defined by the CM process. We also provide direct execution oversight and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for CCBs and Engineering Review Boards (ERBs) to provide the program with full CM execution and compliance.

LCE also excels at configuration verification through extensive Quality Assurance (QA) and testing expertise. Our engineers are trained in industry standards and best practices of QA and testing techniques to apply at all levels of the SDLC. We also provide functional verification and validation of software releases as well as performance testing to develop baseline metrics and Key Performance Parameters.

In the area of configuration status, our engineers can provide many services that contribute to the success of the program. Configuration auditing tools are used to maintain and record baseline hardware/software configurations for CM control.  We have also created and established processes designed to improve CM in the world of virtual and cloud computing. Our engineers provide programs with the ability to quickly and easily build new servers or environments that will comply with established CM baselines. This allows for quicker configuration of environments to support development and testing efforts and improved compliance with a program’s CM baselines.


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