Cybersecurity Risk Management

Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework

The Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework Strategy for Defense Platform Systems course prepares command leadership to implement the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) cybersecurity Risk Management Framework (RMF) from a Platform Information Technology (PIT) perspective.

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Hack Warz® Cyber Attack: A Hands-On Lab for Network Defenders

This one-day workshop combines the Hack Warz ethical hacking competition with the Risk Management Framework six-step Security Life Cycle to demonstrate how to think like a hacker when designing a systems hardening plan.

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ISO 55000 Workshop

ISO 55000: Asset Management System

Leadership is the starting line and linchpin of any successful asset management strategy. ISO 55000 states, “Top management should create the vision and values that guide policy, practice and actively promote these values inside and outside the organization” (

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Leadership for Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages

Leading a strategic outage combines careful planning and effective leadership that motivates and empowers.

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Leading People

Often, employees are promoted to supervision because of their strong technical expertise. Suddenly, the new supervisor needs new expertise – how to lead people.

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Lean Maintenance

Discover strategies to effectively eliminate waste in maintenance operations and projects. This workshop is designed for all levels of maintenance personnel, including supervisors, planners, managers, maintenance engineers and maintenance workers.

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Maintenance Management Skills

Management Skills for Maintenance Supervisors teaches supervisors how to lead a world-class maintenance department using planning and scheduling best practices to drive work execution, and motivational and time-management techniques to improve maintenance worker productivity.

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Maintenance Planning and Materials Management

In the journey towards reliability, Work Management processes and Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) are intricately connected.

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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Planning and scheduling is one of the fastest and most effective investments an organization can make to improve productivity and availability. The processes participants learn in this class will allow for planning and control of maintenance resources

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Life Cycle Institute Materials Management Best Pra

Materials Management

Managing a storeroom is a balancing act. Storeroom managers must have the materials available to keep production flowing while minimizing inventory investment.

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Operator Care

In a Reliability Excellence® (Rx) culture, operators embrace ownership of their equipment and become full partners with Maintenance, Engineering and Management to assure equipment reaches operation goals every day.

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After attending this 3-day course, you will save time and money on your next shutdown.

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Predictive Maintenance Strategy

Predictive maintenance (PdM) is not a tool, technique or certification. Predictive maintenance is a philosophy that uses the equipment’s operating condition to make data-driven decisions and improve quality, productivity and profitability.

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Problem Solving

Sustainable best-in-class performance relies on continuous improvement through effective problem identification and resolution.

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Reliability and Operations Excellence

This two-day workshop by Ron Moore will show you how to establish reliability as a core value in your business

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Reliability Engineering Excellence

Learn how a Reliability Engineer (RE) drives the value assets can deliver by overseeing asset life cycle performance from concept through disposal.

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Reliability Excellence for Managers

Join the fast-growing group of maintenance and reliability leaders who have improved their organizations’ performance and advanced their careers by applying Life Cycle Engineering’s Reliability Excellence® framework.

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Reliability Excellence Fundamentals

Reliability Excellence Fundamentals (RxF) is a 3-day interactive workshop where participants experience the fundamental concepts of Reliability Excellence to drive performance improvement efforts within an organization.

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Risk-Based Asset Management

Explore how to improve asset performance by building effective asset risk, operations and maintenance plans – three major components of a life cycle asset management plan.

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Root Cause Analysis

Armed with what you learn in this course, you will apply a process for root cause analysis, establish a culture of continuous improvement, and create a proactive environment.

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An experienced CMRP will review the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) Five Pillars of Knowledge that form the framework of the Maintenance and Reliability Body of Knowledge

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Discover your ability to motivate and encourage people while evolving into a dynamic facilitator of learning! Improve your delivery while transforming the learning experience into an engaging and meaningful event that truly changes behavior.

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