Critical Asset Performance Standards ® (CAPS) Development for Offshore Reliability

Managing the integrity of critical assets has become increasingly complex as oil and gas operators struggle to balance operational excellence and asset performance while minimizing costs and maintaining the highest safety and environmental standards. Risk-based Asset Management focuses on identifying, mitigating and eliminating risk to provide the proper application of resources based on asset criticality. As part of this strategy, the safety and environmental risks involved in offshore drilling and the associated unique challenges are minimized by adopting Critical Asset Performance Standards® (CAPS). These performance-based standards ensure proper control measures are put in place and maintained throughout the life cycle of a facility.

By applying CAPS, operators can incorporate global best practices leveraging extensive environmental, safety, and risk management experience from offshore and land-based platforms into their unique operating plans and procedures throughout the life cycle of their facilities. Implementation of CAPS promotes quantifiable operational and personnel safety while conducting drilling operations in deepwater environments.

Critical Asset Performance Standards (CAPS) Development Process Overview

The process for developing performance-based standards for critical assets that address safety and environmental concerns can be divided into two distinct phases:

  1. Identify and Analyze Safety-Critical Elements (SCEs)
  2. Develop and Apply Critical Asset Performance Standards (CAPS)

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The first phase involves identification of Major Accident Events (MAEs), developing a safety case for these MAEs, and finally selection of the SCEs by properly identifying systems, equipment, structure, and software which can cause, contribute to, prevent, mitigate, or help recover from a MAE. The second phase is to develop the performance-based standards for the identified SCEs, identify measurable performance parameters, and the creation of comprehensive maintenance activities to ensure reliability of the critical assets is sustained throughout the entire facility life cycle.


For more details about Critical Asset Performance Standards development, download our Critical Asset Performance Standards whitepaper.
This paper offers an overview of the process involved in developing CAPS for integration into a Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) as part of an overall Risk-based Asset Management strategy that provides regulatory compliance and system reliability. 

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