Custom Mobile Enterprise Services

Versatility and mobility are intrinsic to business development in today’s rapidly evolving world of mobile enterprise solutions. LCE can help design and implement a cohesive mobile strategy that will expand potential customer reach and build relationships, while fostering a more efficient workplace.  Whether you need to develop new mobile capabilities or simply extend the functionality of your current mobile solution, We will use agile development methodologies and best practices to guide you through the entire software development life cycle. LCE's enterprise architecture and application design experience will enable you to create a highly functional and totally customizable mobile solution that leverages your application’s existing business logic.

Mobile Development

Mobile Enterprise Architecture Design and Development

Seamlessly integrating mobile solutions into existing enterprise architecture releases their full potential. Our experts will teach you how to empower your employees, energize your customer base, save money and generate higher ROI by integrating an enterprise-wide mobile service solution.

Mobile Application Design and Development

LCE’s mobile services team can help you design and develop custom mobile applications to meet your organization’s needs. We can assist in designing and developing applications across multiple platforms for use with the most widely supported handheld mobile devices. Each mobile application that we develop is designed specifically for our customers with emphasis on maintaining their unique business needs and corporate culture. Our development staff will create a highly operational mobile application that is both on-time and on-budget.

Mobile Research and Development

LCE is leading the way in designing and developing cutting-edge mobile technology and solutions. We are currently exploring innovative ways to extend the capabilities of existing mobile devices, new custom tablet and handheld devices for highly specialized environments and tasks, and cutting-edge wireless communications architecture strategies. One recent internal research and development initiative resulted in a framework that allows Android-based devices to communicate with SOAP Web Services, allowing us to quickly extend mobile solutions to existing legacy systems.

Mobile Consulting Services

LCE is not just a development shop; we provide expertise and guidance in all areas of the software development life cycle. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their current and future business challenges, and then work in a joint design environment to architect and develop high quality solutions to customize a targeted solution. As you begin or continue down the path of developing a mobile service solution for your organization we are ready to advise you in the areas of requirements elicitation, architecture design, software development, testing and overall project management best practices.

Mobile Application and Device Validation and Testing

LCE’s mobile testing services are a natural extension of our existing industry-recognized quality assurance practices and standards. Our mobile testing services include application usability testing, scalability and load testing, localization, security, and optimization testing across a variety of operating systems and device form factors.


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