Reliability Engineering Services Customer Success

  • Accelerating Progress in a Manufacturing Plant’s Reliability Journey

    Improving reliability in an asset-intensive manufacturing plant is often described as a journey because it can take multiple years to drive measurable improvements. In the case of this metal products plant, the reliability journey took some twists and turns, but progress continues.

  • LCE Provides Chemicals Corporation with Equipment and Facility Condition Assessment

    Albemarle Corporation is a global specialty chemicals company with leading positions in lithium, bromine, refining catalysts and applied surface treatments. With a history that extends back to 1887, Albemarle is a leading global producer of catalyst solutions and performance chemicals.

  • An Automotive Company Invests in CMRP Certification To Improve Reliability

    The many benefits of increased reliability are widely understood – improved safety, less downtime, extended asset life. But how does one actually create a culture that values and creates reliability?

  • Reliability Program Deployment Helps Global Manufacturer

    A global metals manufacturer needed to take corrective measures to fix their frequent equipment failures from one of their hot mills. The facility realized the issues were beginning to affect their ability to meet customer demand, so they quickly sprang into action and began searching for outside expertise that could help identify the root cause of their equipment failures, develop processes to prevent future downtime, and provide on-site support to oversee the implementation of a new reliability improvement plan.

  • Reliability and Business Risk Assessment Helps Aluminum Supplier Reduce Downtime

    A premium aluminum supplier experienced a serious failure that shut down their site for an extended period of time, prompting a much-needed review of their maintenance practices. The shutdown soon began affecting their customers’ ability to meet market demand, so they needed assurances that the manufacturer had a plan in place to prevent significant future outages.

  • Life Cycle Engineering Sharpens Maintenance Strategy for Premier Automation Manufacturer

    A major international pharmaceutical production line had a sound maintenance strategy in place for their custom-designed manufacturing solutions, or so they thought. However, at the request of their client, the business needed to re-think their risk-based asset management and equipment reliability analysis processes that would include a proven reliability-based preventive maintenance (PM) program.

  • Reducing Asset Life Cycle Cost by Designing for Reliability

    How would you react if your equipment was hanging 200 feet in the air, extended over water? For most facility leaders this might make you feel uneasy, but for one international export team this is an everyday experience.

  • RBAM Guides Energy Company’s Asset Conundrum

    The President and COO of a nationwide energy company was faced with a question that many other manufacturing leaders have: whether to replace two aging assets or to continue investing in their refurbishment. This was not a simple decision because both outcomes would require significant financial investment, so it was imperative for both options to be fully investigated to determine the best solution. The President enlisted Life Cycle Engineering (LCE), experts in reliability engineering, to assist in making a decision that was best for the business.

  • Global Chemical Leader Uses Risk-Based Asset Management to Improve Maintenance and Reliability Performance

    A worldwide leader in global science recognized that their maintenance and reliability programs were performing significantly below world-class standards. To understand where the issues were occurring, the company conducted a maintenance and reliability assessment. The findings highlighted the four areas within the business that showed gaps in production efficiency: equipment and spare parts, data, workforce skills and capabilities, and their asset management system

  • World Leader in Chemical Treatment Improves Production Unit Performance with Reliability Engineering

    One of the world’s leading chemical treatment companies, specializing in industrial applications, recently installed a new production unit within their chemical plant. The unit was designed to propel the supplier into their market as the low-cost leader.

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