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  • LCE’s Experts Use Design and Engineering Skills to Redesign Critical Machinery Systems

    Creativity. Talent. Know-how. Experience. Those are descriptors for the type of engineers you want helping to develop and test a working prototype. That’s why Life Cycle Engineering is a preferred partner when it comes to making the jump from a technology design to a working prototype. LCE’s engineering experts solve problems for clients from the U.S. Navy to market-leading manufacturers.

  • Life Cycle Engineering Supports Development of New Biofuel Testing Qualifications for U.S. Navy

    The Department of Defense (DOD) is the single largest consumer of oil within the United States, constituting roughly 80 percent of the government’s usage profile. With fossil fuel price volatility, “the DOD has had to do significant budget machinations,” said Joelle Simonpietri, U.S. Pacific Command’s operational manager. To counter the reliance on foreign oil, and the associated costs, the DOD has made it a priority to research alternative fuels that will reduce total cost, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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