Life Cycle Engineering Success Stories

  • Australian Offshore Drilling Fleet Transformed from Out-of-Compliance to World Class

    A major international offshore drilling company involved in the completion of exploratory and developmental oil and gas wells was struggling with international regulatory compliance standards. Its offshore drilling equipment includes drillship drilling rigs, semisubmersible drilling rigs and jack-up drilling rigs. As the fleet continued to expand with the construction of three state-of-the-art, dynamically-positioned, dual derrick ultra-deep-water drill ships, it was critical to maintain safety of employees and the environment while protecting financial stability.

  • Power Plant Embraces Reliability to Improve Performance and Mitigate Aging Workforce Issues

    One of the largest consumer-operated, regional, joint-power supply ventures in the United States was operating in a constant state of reactivity. Coal power plants are under immense pressure to improve operational performance due to increasing regulations, rising costs, and continual loss of talented employees due to retirement. After a plant-wide gap analysis was conducted, the leadership team realized current reactive practices would not support continued sustainability and future business goals. The leadership team partnered with LCE to provide reliability and asset management expertise to improve performance.

  • A Metallurgical Coke Producer Addresses Financial Challenges with Reliability Excellence

    A metallurgical coke producer, co-located with a large steel production facility in the middle of Detroit, Michigan, was struggling with reactive maintenance practices which were negatively impacting financial results for the company and creating a difficult work environment for its personnel. The site partnered with Life Cycle Engineering to establish an efficient, high-performance plant where employee quality of life was high and financial results stable.

  • Alumina Refinery Drives Continuous Improvement with Reliability Excellence

    A large alumina refinery site in the southwest United States was struggling with an aging plant and poor capital support for improvement of its installed equipment. The plant partnered with Life Cycle Engineering and embarked on a reliability journey to increase production, decrease the amount of reactive work and improve safety and quality of life for employees.

  • Chemical Processing Plant Uses Asset Management Best Practices to Build Total Process Reliability

    A very unique, large-scale coal gasification facility in the United States that manufactures synthetic natural gas and numerous chemical commodity products was struggling to improve its high-stress, reactive workplace. The team decided to partner with Life Cycle Engineering to improve performance through a proactive approach rooted in reliability best practices and strategic asset management.

  • LCE’s Asset Management Services Team Creates Stability and a 25% Increase in Production Rate

    As part of a Reliability Excellence (Rx) Program for the largest and most complex grain elevators owned by one of the world's primary food producers, LCE's Asset Management Services Team conducted a criticality analysis of the plant and determined that the dust conveyance system was having the single, largest negative impact on the plant's production capacity.

  • LCE Helps NAVSSES Upgrade Control Systems Aboard Arleigh Burke Class Guided Missile Destroyers

    In conjunction with SSES engineers, the LCE engineering team on the project took the MCS and FCS software code and redesigned and tested the system.

  • Hot Stuff! Heating Up Reliability at AltaSteel

    AltaSteel is a scrap-based mini-mill operation based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The plant has both melting and casting facilities and a production capability of over 315,000 tons of steel billet annually. AltaSteel makes a variety of round, flat, and square bar shapes for use by downstream remanufactures in the mining, oil and gas, automotive, construction, agriculture, and OEM industries.

  • The Swagelok Reliability Journey Includes an Important Role for Reliability Engineers

    Swagelok identified Reliability Excellence as a strategic improvement initiative and partnered with LCE to reduce downtime and improve OEE. Read how reliability engineering played an important role in their results.

  • LCE’s Applied Technology Group Supports Development of, Boosting Capabilities of Military Software Developers

    Life Cycle Engineering’s Applied Technology Group is helping lead a Department of Defense (DoD) initiative aimed at using open source technology to create an environment which facilitates rapid development, test, certification, deployment and acceptance of products and services on the Global Information Grid (GIG).

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