EAM Assessment and Action Plan

Many plants and facilities struggle with CMMS / EAM systems that have not been properly implemented and therefore don’t provide the asset management structure needed to support best practices in operation, maintenance and materials management. Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) can help you identify the problem areas and recommend actions that will help you create an asset management strategy that supports corporate financial objectives. 

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LCE will work with you to identify gaps in your Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM) that prevent you from fully leveraging your system’s capabilities. We will also provide an action plan and milestones along with the level of effort required to close these gaps.

Scope of Services:

  • On-site assessment of master data file. This assessment will include an evaluation of: 
    - Master data file integrity
    - Business processes and RASIs
    - System configuration and established workflows
    - System Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    - End-user system comprehension and skills
  • On-site coaching and knowledge transfer of operation, maintenance and materials management best practices in support of system usage for CMMS/EAM administrators, supervisors, planners, schedulers and other end users


The LCE CMMS/EAM Subject Matter Expert will:

  • Review current operation business processes and workflows and compare these to best practices for the various functions
  • Review the functional requirements and other implementation documentation and system configuration to determine support of corporate objectives while reviewing the general quality, structure and data in the system
  • Observe use of the system by various roles within the organization to determine effectiveness of and familiarization with established standard operating procedures and to determine the level at which system usage disciplines are followed


  • Out-brief meeting / presentation describing the initial findings
  • Formal, detailed  report
  • Action Plan containing:
    - Activities to ensure site-established business processes and RASIs reflect accepted best practices
    - Activities to configure the CMMS/EAM to support operation, maintenance and materials management best practices
    - Activities required to increase and ensure system data integrity
    - Activities required to increase users’ working knowledge of the CMMS/EAM
    - Activities required to develop reports and metrics that support organization goals and vision

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