Enterprise Change Management (ECM)

Enterprise Change Management (ECM) is a concept and a process for deploying change management across an organization. It goes beyond the project level and focuses on an overall organizational approach to managing change.

Organizations have standard processes and tools for project management, talent management and continuous improvement. Many have recognized the need for the same type of disciplined processes for change management.

These organizations realize that embracing ECM means that change management is no longer a departmental function, but a solid business model for managing change.


Enterprise Change Management Capabilities

To support your ECM initiative, we can provide:

  • Change management consulting & coaching
  • Prosci® tools and templates for deploying an ECM strategy
  • Prosci Change Management Maturity Model™ Audit
  • Prosci Change Portfolio Toolkit
  • Expertise for establishing a change management community of practice (COP)
  • Guidance for change management office staffing and structuring
  • Prosci’s change management training programs
  • Integration with your project management methodology
  • Support deploying your ECM tools and methodologies

Why Implement Enterprise Change Management?

Organizations that learn and adapt faster have a competitive advantage. They are agile, can respond more quickly to client needs, and have more engaged employees.

ECM can benefit your organization by providing:

  • Synergy - a consistent, unified change management process across the organization
  • Shorter ramp-up time for building change management competency
  • Common resources and templates used across the organization
  • Increased opportunities for continuous improvement

Why work with the Life Cycle Institute?

  • More than 25 years experience helping clients implement change management
  • We employ more than 40 Prosci-certified change management professionals who have experience implementing a well-structured process for engaging people
  • We specialize in holistic solutions that change behavior to produce results
  • We have provided Fortune 500 companies with the support they need  to achieve sustainable results
  • We are the most experienced Prosci Authorized Training Provider in the world and were the first to be selected in the U.S.
  • Prosci Certified Instructors 

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