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Enterprise Transformation: The CIO’s Roadmap to Operational Excellence

by Jesse Rothkopf, Managing Principal

Enterprise transformation, disruptive technology, predictive analytics, Internet of Things, enterprise visibility...As the CIO of a transportation organization you’re faced with enough technology buzzwords to make your head spin. From transit passengers to front-line maintenance workers, the stakeholders that matter to your organization demand easier access to better information. As the C-level leader in charge of your organization’s IT strategy, how do you determine where to apply your agency’s limited financial and human resources? How do you integrate the potential and promise of new technology and best prepare your organization for the future? How do you build consensus and keep those demanding stakeholders happy?

This six-step framework provides a roadmap to operational excellence that aligns your IT department with the needs of your stakeholders and leverages your leadership role in transforming and continuously improving your transportation organization.

6 step chart

This framework assumes top leadership in your organization has at least some level of consensus on the strategic direction that drives the enterprise mission. Perhaps it is best-in-class customer experience, or improved community standard of living, or achievement of ISO55000 certification. Whatever that strategic direction is, it is naturally being pursued through initiatives and objectives that are at different stages of maturity and which involve various departments and stakeholders. This six-step framework is not intended to replace those initiatives. Instead, the intention is to ensure those initiatives and objectives are woven into the framework and supported appropriately.

Transformation is change. The success of this framework is greatly enhanced if you, your IT department, and your organization have embraced an organizational change management methodology. For the purposes of this article, we will assume that you, as the CIO, are familiar with organizational change management and members of your team actively engage with representative stakeholder groups and the governance activities that support the interests of those groups.

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