Factory and Site Acceptance Testing

As much as 95% of a capital asset’s life cycle cost is determined before it is installed, so without factory and site acceptance testing plants run the risk of not getting what they think they purchased. Abnormally high operating and maintenance cost and chronic reliability problems can drive a capital asset’s life cycle cost 40-60% higher when factory and site acceptance testing is not included in the functional specifications and made a part of the procurement process. 

You can avoid these higher life cycle costs by engaging Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) to develop and supervise factory and site acceptance tests that will confirm that new or rebuilt capital assets comply with functional specifications and engineering best practices.


Scope of Services:

  • Review specifications and expectations for the assets
  • Develop test plans and supervise a factory and site acceptance test
  • Provide a report that confirms compliance, identifies any deviations and recommends any necessary corrective actions


A qualified Reliability Engineer will:

  • Review functional and vendor specifications for the assets
  • Verify performance, reliability, maintainability and cost expectations
  • Develop a test plan that will verify functionality and compliance with all performance expectations
  • Supervise acceptance testing performed by client’s engineering and technical personnel 


LCE will generate a formal report that confirms compliance with engineering best practices and the functional specifications of the capital asset(s) and/or will define each of the deviations from these practices or specifications. The report will:

  • Verify compliance with functional specifications, vendor’s specifications and best engineering and manufacturing practices
  • Identify all deviations from functional specifications and best practices
  • Provide an estimate of potential impact of deviations
  • Recommend corrective or remedial actions

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