Four Reliability and Maintenance Projects That Provide Immediate Results

By Will McNett, CMRP, Life Cycle Engineering
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Ask any industry practitioner about the duration and effort required to embed maintenance and reliability best practices into an organization and the answer will likely be consistent: it is not a short-term endeavor and the effort is substantial. So why write an article about initiatives that provide immediate results with minimal investment? At first glance, this seems counterintuitive. However, on the journey to maintenance and reliability excellence it is critical to deliver short-term results along the way. Results are obviously necessary from a pure financial perspective, but they are also required to maintain momentum, employee support, and executive support for the long-term objectives.


Will McNett is a Senior Reliability Engineering Subject Matter Expert at Life Cycle Engineering (LCE). He is an accomplished maintenance and reliability professional with extensive experience in energy, manufacturing and mining. You can reach Will at [email protected].

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