HVAC Engineering Project Examples

USCG 270’ Cutter Mold Investigation And Remediation Studies

LCE personnel surveyed the USCG WHEC Class cutters to determine the cause of severe mold growth on the HVAC ductwork insulation. It was determined that the mold was a result of improper vapor sealing on the ducting and efforts of ships’ force  to maintain the internal environment of the ship below design conditions during the cooling season. This created a cold, damp environment inside the ship and allowed moisture to penetrate into the insulation. LCE developed recommendations for remediation efforts and instructed ships’ force about maintaining proper air conditioning parameters to prevent the return of mold after remediation efforts were completed. LCE also investigated self-help solutions that ships’ force could implement until the remediation efforts could be scheduled.

LPD 19 SSDG Enclosure Ventilation Balancing

LCE investigated the cause of high engine crankcase pressures that caused the ship’s service diesel engines to shut down unexpectedly aboard the USS Mesa Verde at BAE Norfolk Ship Repair. It was determined that the ventilation systems serving the SSDG acoustic enclosures had not been properly balanced by the construction shipyard and were putting the engine crankcase under a severe negative pressure. LCE balanced the ventilation supply ventilation systems, sized and installed orifice plates on the exhaust systems as required and tested the ventilation and diesel engines to achieve satisfactory operation.

Republic of Korea Navy

LCE was tasked by Century Corporation, the leading supplier of marine ventilation and air conditioning equipment, to review the design of the nuclear, biological and chemical warfare defense ventilation system and the arrangement of the NBC fan room for the new FFX frigate under construction at Hyundai. We provided recommendations for improving the survivability of the NBC system and for compliance with damage control requirements.

Royal Saudi Naval Forces

LCE, working in cooperation with The Columbia Group under contract to NSWCCD-Philadelphia, performed ship assessment surveys and developed detailed design-level drawings for removal and replacement of the chilled water air conditioning plants for the PCG and PGG Class Patrol boats operated by the Royal Saudi Naval Forces. This included removal and replacement of the chilled water and auxiliary seawater piping and pumps, electrical wiring and controls, structural modifications and preparation of a complete modification specification. The task also included a complete survey of the Ship Repair Facility in Al Jubail, KSA to determine the capability of the facility and personnel required to accomplish the modifications for 13 ships.

Non-Magnetic Air Conditioning Plants

Developed a white paper and performed an industry search in support of NSWCCD addressing development of a replacement non-magnetic modular air conditioning plant for MCM-1 class life extension.

USS Independence (LCS-2)

LCE personnel provided shipyard engineering support for NSWCCD, Philadelphia during USS Independence (LCS-2) recent availability in Norfolk. This support included scheduling, quality assurance, detailed ship inspections, system troubleshooting, and daily interaction with USN and shipyard personnel.


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