HVAC Engineering Support

Our HVAC capabilities include:

  • Complete design, including calculations and drawings to install or modify an HVAC system as large as the entire ship and as small as a single stateroom.
  • Creating designs according to NAVSEA and SNAME design standards.
  • Performing on-board HVAC balancing. Our team will come out to the vessel, measure the airflow out of all of the ducts and rebalance the system to provide the appropriate airflow based on design.
  • Equipment ventilation, including Diesel Engine Combustion Ventilation, and Diesel Engine internal ventilation studies.
  • Working with commercial shore side firms to create value-added designs to augment their current offerings.
  • Mold investigations to determine the cause of the mold and provide remediation steps.

Recent projects have included:

  • Investigated and created specific design standards for Persian Gulf conditions adopted by many government organizations including MSC.
  • Work with Foreign Navies to create designs specific to their operating theatres.  

Our current and past customers include:

  • U.S. Coast Guard: WAGB 20 – icebreaker HVAC design oversight and system updates
  • MSC: LCC 20 HVAC design for new and modified machinery spaces
  • NAVSEA: LX(R) design input and ambient temperature studies
  • Royal Saudi Naval Forces: PCG and PGG Class (AC Plant Replacement)
  • BAE Norfolk Ship Repair: LCS 2 (Engineering Support)
  • NAVSEA: LCS 1 Collective Protection System testing and balancing
  • Hanel Storage Solutions: HVAC Design for Hanel Rotomat and Lean Lift System

See HVAC Engineering Project Examples 

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