Life Cycle Engineering Introduces Advanced Predictive Maintenance and Analytics Services to Help Manufacturers and Facilities Achieve Expected Results from PdM Programs

CHARLESTON, SC – July 30, 2019

Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) has launched Advanced Predictive Maintenance and Analytics services to help organizations harness the power of PdM technologies to improve the performance of asset-intensive industries and facilities.  

“Combining Advanced Predictive Maintenance with LCE’s existing Reliability Engineering services enhances our ability to help clients collect and analyze their data to better manage the condition of their operating assets and mitigate risks that could negatively affect their value stream,” said Brad Cunic, senior vice president of LCE’s Reliability Consulting Group.

LCE’s Advanced Predictive Maintenance approach combines a properly managed deployment of predictive technologies with standard processes and statistical analysis to identify and eliminate most reoccurring failures at their root. Eliminating failure patterns, essentially preventing failures from occurring, will add true reliability to industrial plants and facilities.

LCE’s approach will help plants and facilities prepare for new technologies like IIoT, machine learning and predictive analytics by focusing on four key areas:

  • Doing the right things for the right reasons (design or optimization of new or existing programs)
  • Managing to set standards, processes and procedures to achieve KPIs and stated goals
  • Delivering high-quality analysis, reporting and statistical trending
  • Identifying reoccurring failure modes and applying RCFA techniques for corrective actions

“What’s noteworthy about LCE’s approach to predictive maintenance is the focus on improving reliability. Most PdM providers focus on the delivery of the traditional program, data collection, analysis and reporting. What gets less attention from these providers is establishing program metrics/KPIs, ROI, or tracking other long-term successes,” said John Pucillo, director of Advanced Predictive Maintenance. “LCE’s focus will be on the end result. The only satisfactory deliverable is improved reliability. Predictive technologies become the means to the end. Success is not measured by completing service tasks but by achieving key KPIs and return on true reliability gains.”

Learn more about Advanced Predictive Maintenance and Analytics services

Watch John Pucillo’s video: Are you ready for the next generation of PdM?

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Advanced Predictive Maintenance Video

An interview with John Pucillo, Director of Advanced Predictive Maintenance at Life Cycle Engineering

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