Leadership and Strategy

Implementing an asset management system begins with company leaders and strategy. A commitment to establishing an asset management system requires a combination of company policy, strategy and stated objectives. Asset management policy and strategy must align with the company’s strategic planning. This line of sight ensures transparency across the organization regarding the value expectations associated with asset performance. Active and visible leadership drives successful implementation and ensures continuous improvement and sustainability of the initiative.

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The leadership and strategy workstream includes the actions and processes required to create asset management policy, strategy, and objectives that align with organization strategy and are effectively deployed throughout the organization.

Scope of Services:

  • Policy Development
  • Strategy Planning
  • Create Objectives
  • Design Asset Management Plans
  • Strategy Deployment Process
  • Change Management Process
  • Continuous Improvement Process
  • Performance Management


The LCE subject matter expert will:

  • Facilitate a senior-level workshop designed to create organizational asset management policy, strategy statement, and a set of objectives
  • Coach through a design process for creating asset management plans
  • Coach through a design process to establish a strategy deployment methodology
  • Design a continuous improvement process
  • Teach and qualify the organization through a change management methodology
  • Integrate performance management into the asset management design


  • Asset management policy
  • Asset management strategy
  • Asset management objectives
  • Asset management plan(s)
  • Strategy deployment process
  • Change management process

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