Life Cycle Engineering Answers Basic Questions About Materials Management

CHARLESTON, SC - October 10, 2013 - Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) has introduced a new materials management resource guide to the Frequently Asked Questions Series in its resource library. Frequently Asked Questions Series: Materials Management answers ten of the questions most frequently asked of LCE subject matter experts in the area of materials management. The guide answers questions like:

  • What is an ABC analysis and why should I do it?
  • What are critical spares and how are they identified?
  • Should we consider using vending machines?

Life Cycle Engineering offers additional resources on materials management, including videos, articles and recorded webinars.


About Life Cycle Engineering

Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) is a leading provider of reliability consulting, engineering services, and applied technology solutions that help both government and private enterprises achieve sustainable success. Widely recognized as the premier provider of innovative and successfully executed reliability and maintenance solutions worldwide, areas of focus for LCE include: design and engineering, logistics support, information technology applications, program management, change management, education, and holistic implementations of Reliability Excellence (Rx). Founded in 1976, LCE is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina with offices across North America. 
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About the Reliability Consulting Group

LCE’s Reliability Consulting Group (RCG) provides consulting, services and education. Our team specializes in providing client-specific solutions that help organizations improve their operating performance. RCG’s 30 years of field experience has contributed greatly to the evolution of Reliability Excellence (Rx). Our Powered by Rx® approach creates reliability-centric standard practices for business processes, operational and maintenance work execution, asset reliability and organizational effectiveness. Our “diagnose before prescribing” philosophy results in providing optimal solutions to our clients’ needs, including holistic transformations based upon our Reliability Excellence Model, targeted reliability and asset management services necessary to resolve specific tactical issues that are limiting performance, and change management services vital to the success and sustainability of most initiatives.