Life Cycle Engineering Partner Taqtile Wins Mixed Reality 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award

Taqtile, partner of Life Cycle Engineering, announced today it is the winner of the Mixed Reality 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for its Manifest® platform.

The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards recognize Microsoft partners that have developed and delivered exceptional Microsoft-based solutions during the past year. Awards were classified in several categories, with honorees chosen from a set of more than 3,300 submitted nominations from more than 100 countries.

Taqtile is being recognized for providing innovative solutions and services in the Mixed Reality category. Together with Life Cycle Engineering, the Manifest® mixed-reality platform is a critical component in the system capable of delivering maintenance and repair expertise from Navy veterans in Pearl Harbor and Washington state shipyards to sailors in Guam. Through this program, sailors can follow step-by-step procedures overlaid upon maritime apparatus to correct equipment casualties, ensure configuration control, increase operational availability, and improve readiness.

“We’re thrilled to see this partnership result in an award for Taqtile,” says Russell Kuntz, Vice President at Life Cycle Engineering. “Manifest® is cutting-edge technology that can improve how sailors learn to handle shipboard maintenance and repairs. The opportunities with Manifest® are endless.”

To learn more about Taqtile’s Manifest® platform, visit their website.

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