Life Cycle Institute Introduces ISO 55000 for Leaders Workshop

New virtual, instructor-led, one-day course helps organizational leaders create the framework for a successful, risk-based asset management strategy

CHARLESTON, SC – September 3, 2020 – For leaders of asset-intensive organizations looking for guidance on how to lead and succeed in implementing asset management, Life Cycle Institute has added an ISO 55000 for Leaders workshop to its course offerings.

The ISO 55000 Standard for Asset Management provides guidance for organizations that want to establish an asset management system to optimize cost, risk and performance across the life cycle of their assets. This workshop will introduce organization leaders to the ISO 55000 set of standards so that they understand their role and responsibilities and are prepared to lead their organization in deploying a risk-based asset management system. An ISO-compliant program provides all the benefits of asset management best practices even if ISO certification is not a business requirement.

“Many organizations are looking to the ISO 55000 set of standards as a helpful framework for building an asset management system. It’s a big undertaking because it goes way beyond what enterprise asset management software an organization might use. A true asset management system defines how assets will be managed across their lifecycle to meet what ISO calls stakeholder requirements – the requirements of customers, employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders,” said Brad Cunic, SVP, LCE’s Reliability Consulting Group. “This one-day course will help organizational leaders understand the full scope of the standard and their role in a successful implementation.”

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