Life Cycle Institute Introduces Reliability Centered Maintenance Online Training

CHARLESTON, SC – December 12, 2018

Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) announced the launch of eRCM, a Reliability Centered Maintenance eLearning course, through its education entity, Life Cycle Institute.

It’s widely accepted by asset-intensive plants and facilities that Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) can increase resource efficiency, decrease maintenance costs and increase reliability. While some organizations have found implementing RCM to be challenging, eRCM now makes it possible to see results faster because the course’s risk-based approach streamlines the process of using criticality to drive maintenance strategy. This risk-based approach also aligns with the current industrial and public sector push to develop asset management systems that meet ISO 55000 requirements.

Organizations can use eRCM as a primary training tool for their reliability engineering function. Reliability engineers will discover a complete toolkit of templates, assessments and other resources. Course participants will:

  • Learn the principles of RCM as governed by SAE standard JA1011 and NASA program guidance
  • Connect the RCM methodology to an ISO 55000-based asset management program
  • Build a business case for their RCM program
  • Analyze a piece of equipment and its failure risks in a failure mode effects analysis (FMEA) based on IEC 60812
  • Use a logical framework to select and justify the best failure management strategy
  • Create an equipment maintenance plan that blends three maintenance approaches
  • Learn a systematic process to improve preventive maintenance plans
  • Understand which performance indicators to use to audit program progress and develop RCM improvement plans

RCM eLearning was designed by certified learning professionals who are also maintenance and reliability professionals (CMRP, CRL), and developed by a team of eLearning specialists using eLearning cutting-edge best practices and approaches. Like its eLearning predecessor, eMPS, this course makes it easy for organizations to:

  • Reach geographically dispersed teams
  • Offer just-in-time and rapid onboarding training
  • Achieve a consistent, enterprise-wide work management vocabulary and knowledge baseline

“We believe that asset-intensive industrial and facility settings are going to quickly adopt eRCM as a cost-effective training tool that helps their teams to solve reliability-based problems and is available 24/7 across their organizations,” said Bill Wilder, Life Cycle Institute Director. “This is so much more than online slides and lectures – it’s an expertly designed toolkit that will help people learn and apply the skills they need.”

eRCM Video

Bill Wilder explains how eRCM integrates our Risk-Based Asset Management course with the prevailing Reliability Centered Maintenance standards into a performance-driven, self-paced online solution.

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