Machine Design FMEA

Manufacturing assets are not always designed to consider all possible failure modes. This results in assets that do not perform the required functions and meet the organization’s performance requirements.


The machine design failure mode and effects analysis (DFMEA) process collects the design documents, the operational parameters, and known asset failure modes based on industry experience, and then analyzes this information to determine the likelihood of failure, the potential consequences of failure, and the planned detectability of the failure. This information is used to generate a Risk Prioritization Number (RPN). Mitigation plans are developed for the items with high RPN numbers to reduce them to an acceptable risk.

Scope of Services:

LCE reliability engineering experts will:

  • Collect machine design data
  • Collect information on planned operations plan
  • Develop a functional block diagram
  • Identify potential functional failures
  • Identify potential failure modes
  • Map failure modes to equipment
  • Analyze potential failures
  • Generate a RPN
  • Develop mitigation strategies


LCE reliability engineering subject matter experts will engage site employees and vendors as required to complete the DFMEA.


Machine Design FMEA workbook

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