Maintenance Management Certification: A Plant Manager’s Perspective

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We asked a Plant Manager who recently earned his Maintenance Management Certification to share his experience with us. Here’s what he had to say about the classes, what he learned, and the impact he’s had on his workplace.

How did you first hear about Life Cycle Institute?

I was working with a group of maintenance trainers and I found “The 3A Learning process”.  Immediately, LCE got my attention and I started looking at the different courses.

Was there a particular class that you found most helpful?

Yes, Maintenance Planning and Scheduling was the most helpful to me. The book became my Maintenance Bible over the next few years. It’s an introduction for many reliability subjects and there are excellent conclusions for years of maintenance studies and company’s solutions.

How have you been able to apply what you have learned in the courses you took to earn your Maintenance Management Certification?

Well, all came at once, the knowledge and the requirement of my company to upgrade the maintenance management processes after an external audit. This was a great opportunity to apply my MMC outcomes. Certainly, the implementation of these upgrades is giving good results to the company and maintenance teams are very motivated.

Now that you have completed your Maintenance Management Certification, how do you expect that it will help you in your professional development?

My MMC has had a terrific impact in my professional development. I feel capable to assess any maintenance department and improve staff productivity, efficiency of the processes and the reliability of the equipment.

How do you think your organization will benefit from what you’ve learned?

Besides what I mentioned above, an important gain of the company is the development of the staff organizational skills: planners and supervisors are now in the right track to achieve sustainable results and ready to step up in our organization.

What would you say to someone who’s wondering whether they should pursue their Maintenance Management Certification?

I would definitely recommend the Maintenance Management Certification as a key step forward into maintenance and asset management. Today, I am capable of assisting the different plant managers in our operations to establish maintenance and conditions monitoring strategies, processes compliance, staff development, etc.

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