Materials Selection and Evaluation Project Examples

Materials selection and evaluation tasks have covered a large number of component applications including steam turbines, gas turbines, diesel engines, gears, piping, and fasteners, metallic and non-metallic materials, fatigue and fracture mechanics analyses, welding and brazing, heat treating, surface hardening, plating, thermal spray, forming processes, specifications and corrosion. Two examples include:

Gas Turbine Ducting Materials

Developed a detailed comparison of key material characteristics for selection of gas turbine ducting materials on U.S. Navy ships in accordance with the Navy Materials Selection Requirements (MSR) document (NAVSEA Technical Publication T9074-AX-GIB-010/100). The materials evaluated were three grades of titanium, 316 stainless steel, and Alloy 625. For each characteristic of each material, we researched available data sources and identified data as suitable for design or typical, for which the designers need to apply suitable safety factors.

Comparison of U.S. Navy and International and Commercial Welding and inspection Requirements

Performed detailed comparison of U.S. Navy Naval Vessel Rule (NVR) welding and inspection requirements to European, International Standards Organization (ISO), and American Welding Society (AWS) commercial requirements for critical U.S. Navy structures. For each attribute, we provided an assessment of whether the alternative requirements were more or less stringent than the Navy requirements, with specific recommendations for the application of the requirements based on component and weld criticality.


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