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If you are searching for a partner to help you identify obstacles and develop an Operational Excellence program tailored to your specific goals and market challenges, we can help.

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What is Operational Excellence?

Operational Excellence does not have one agreed-upon definition. Most definitions include some combination of these elements:

  • Focus on meeting customer needs and eliminating waste to deliver the best value
  • Use of continuous improvement methodologies like Lean, Six Sigma and tools like Kaizen, DMAIC and Gemba walks to improve work practices and processes
  • Emphasis on employee engagement and developing the right culture

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Why is Operational Excellence hard to achieve?

According to the Business Transformation and Operational Excellence Summit (BTOES) insights report Global State of Operational Excellence: Critical Challenges & Future Trends, the biggest driver for cultivating Operational Excellence is the need to stay ahead of new competitors. Demands for lower operational risk, lower operating costs and increased revenues necessitate not only improving business and operational processes but also developing the right culture to sustain improvements. The hundreds of Operational Excellence practitioners surveyed for the report cited these elements as critical challenges:

  • Improving the company culture
  • Execution and sustaining operational excellence projects
  • Maintaining key priorities and focus, especially in the light of technological changes
  • Need for end-to-end business transformation, entailing breaking down functional silos that lack aligned goals
  • Keeping up with new technologies
  • Need for leadership understanding and buy-in

How LCE can help you achieve Operational Excellence

Reliability Excellence consulting, services and education can deliver the end-to-end transformation sought by organizations in search of Operational Excellence.

This proven, PoweredByRx® approach leverages more than 30 years of multi-industrial experience and combines reliability consulting, engineering services and education to achieve consistent step-change performance improvement. Using a “diagnose before prescribing” philosophy we match solutions to our clients’ needs, including holistic transformations based upon our Reliability Excellence Model, program management, targeted reliability and asset management services necessary to resolve both strategic and/or specific tactical issues, and change management services vital to the success and sustainability of most initiatives.

The table below shows examples of the results our clients have achieved, using the PoweredByRx® approach to achieve Operational Excellence.


Our Life Cycle Excellence services address many of the specific challenges faced by operational excellence practitioners. For example:

  • Our Strategic Alignment Workshop can help align leadership teams around a shared vision and understanding of what’s necessary to sustain organizational change and achieve optimal performance across the enterprise.
  • For organizations establishing a new operation or expanding an existing one, Operational Risk Readiness consulting can identify and manage the potential risks, improving the chances of achieving steady-state operations as quickly as possible.
  • Using Prosci’s structured approach to change management, our consultants can guide your organization through culture change, process change, software implementation and reorganization.

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