Operational Excellent Success Stories

  • An Operational Readiness Audit Helps Supermarket Chain Expand Production on Schedule

    An American, privately-held supermarket chain needed to expand their snack food production and modernize their manufacturing facilities. With $26 billion in annual sales and more than 116,000 partners (employees), the company is recognized for its commitment to its customers, the communities it serves, philanthropy, diversity and sustainability. The supermarket chain operates several manufacturing facilities in the United States, and produces many of its own-brand products.

  • Achieving Reliability Excellence through Customized Training: Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Journey

    Bristol-Myers Squibb (B-MS) is on a four-year Reliability Excellence® journey that requires changes in business processes, systems, tools, skills, and culture. B-MS began by engaging leaders in supporting and promoting reliability best practices. They also sought to build competency in the application of standard processes and best practices in reliability. This was a multi-site initiative that required buy-in training for employees from site leaders to technicians across 12 plants located in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Italy and Ireland.

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