Operator-driven Reliability

Asset reliability is not solely the responsibility of the maintenance department. The equipment owners and operators (the production or operations department) have a large impact on asset reliability.  The method and procedures followed during equipment startup, shutdowns and changeovers affect reliability. Operators should be the first line of defense and detection for subtle changes in the condition of the assets.

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The operator-driven reliability workstream includes the processes that should be used to optimize the value of the assets by focusing on the development of standard work. Areas covered include the startup, shut down, and normal adjustment the operators make, what will be inspected during operator care rounds, what minor tasks operators will be trained and expected to perform, and the expectations for reporting and escalating problems they discover.

Scope of Services:

Assessments, coaching in process development, and over-the-shoulder coaching in these areas:

  • Operator Care (TPM) Round Development
  • Operator Care Round Execution
  • Visual Management / 5S / Results Tracking
  • Product Loss Elimination
  • Operator Training Plan
  • Product Changeover/SMED
  • Standard Work
  • Leader Standard Work


The LCE subject matter expert will teach the organization to deploy the required processes, resulting in an increased understanding of the important role operations plays in asset reliability, and create a structured approach for identifying the procedures, training, tools and materials that will be required for the operations group to effectively accomplish the tasks.


  • Operator-driven reliability processes.
  • Templates for Operator Care Rounds and Standard Operations Procedures (SOPs)
  • Operator training matrix
  • Visual management tools
  • Robust production loss tracking process that will guide the organization to areas of overall improvement

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