Predictive Maintenance Program Management

For clients with a newly designed or existing PdM program, LCE can provide onsite and remote service to manage the program’s effectiveness and ensure it is achieving desired results.

LCE's Reliability Engineer will work closely with your site’s PdM program team to assist in program functionality, design, implementation and results. Our experts will provide coaching, mentoring and support to the program team. Our managers will consistently review the program activities, data, predictions and developed metrics to ensure the site’s investment is achieving stated goals.

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PdM Program Management typically consists of routine site visits. The frequency will depend on the size of the facility and the overall program scope. Included in the service will be routine remote communication and data/report/metric review. Although the service can be performed as a stand-alone service, it is best leveraged combined with other reliability engineering functions.

PdM Program Management Elements

  • Manage to LCE’s PdM best practices and ensure compliance
  • Periodic review of the database and collection specifications
  • Review of compliance to scheduled routes and performance
  • Periodic review and adjustments of alarming strategies
  • Statistical analysis of data and findings for reoccurring trends
  • Review of reports, work orders, findings and results
  • Provide on-demand “second opinion” on collected or subsequent analysis
  • Perform skills assessment and recommend training needs
  • Manage to a closed-loop system for continuous improvement
  • Develop, track and report program metrics and return on investment
  • Oversee in-house or third party resources
  • Interface with maintenance and operations stakeholders to ensure the program meets their needs
  • Recommend next-generation technologies to advance the program and lower cost

PdM Program Management Benefits

  • A single-source partner for all things PdM for your facility
  • Benchmarking and comparatives to other sites managed from a corporate level
  • The program is  managed to achieve or exceed stated goals
  • The program is adaptable to your changing maintenance and operating environment
  • The program is revised to include those functions that bring significant return on investment
  • Cost justification and ROI available for year-over-year budgeting
  • Measurable metrics are established so performance trends can be easily obtained
  • Position your program for next-generation advancements

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