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Predictive Maintenance Strategies Online Training (eREE)

Condition-based maintenance, built on a predictive maintenance strategy, uses equipment operating condition to make data-driven decisions and improve quality, productivity and profitability. Beyond applying specific predictive technologies like vibration monitoring or oil analysis, this course focuses on establishing, managing and sustaining results from a comprehensive predictive maintenance program.

Practical Content

The course considers predictive maintenance and other techniques as a component of a larger asset-maintenance strategy to diagnose, prevent and postpone failures. Students will learn the theory and application of multiple PdM technologies, along with the critical success factors of results-producing programs. Using activities and case studies, learners determine which technologies to use, how to set goals for a program, track progress and communicate results to stakeholders.

Key Topics Covered

  • How a combination of maintenance strategies mitigates risk and optimizes performance
  • How risk mitigation tools are used as part of a condition-based maintenance program
  • Selecting key performance indicators for maintenance strategy
  • Understanding foundational PdM strategies, including vibration analysis, motor analysis, infrared analysis, oil analysis, ultrasound, non-destructive testing, and precision maintenance best practices
  • Emerging technologies and the evolution of predictive maintenance
  • Defining maintenance program objectives, measures of success, training needs, change management implications, and organizational sponsorship
  • Drafting a business case for a PdM program

More Than eLearning

With eREE, your current and aspiring reliability engineers will discover a complete toolkit of templates, assessments, action plans, analysis tools, and other resources to drive competency and performance in your organization.

This is comprehensive online training that dives deep into issues by immersing the learner in scenarios where they will make decisions, solve problems, practice with tools, and use critical thinking. 

ePDMS is part of the Reliability Engineering Certification program

Who Will Benefit

The course is most suited to those involved in justifying or managing duties related to a condition-based monitoring program, including Maintenance Managers, PdM Managers, Maintenance professionals, and continuing education students.

Price: $995
Discounted group rates available, and options for an unlimited user license hosted on your own system.


  • Introduction to Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Strategy
  • Establishing a PdM Program
  • PdM Technologies Summary
  • The Future of PdM Technologies
  • Program Management
  • The Business Case for a PdM Program

Course Info:
0.6 CEUs (6 hours seat time)

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