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Next-Gen Mobility Video

Learn how augmented reality (AR) can be used as a tool for training today’s maintenance workforce. This video shows an example of a technician using AR technology.

AR & VR Benefits Video

In this video Tara Holwegner interviews Dirck Schou (CEO of Taqtile) and Bob Fei (President and CEO of Life Cycle Engineering) about the exciting potential for mixed reality devices and software.

Quality Work Execution Quick Start powered by Manifest®

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For manufacturing plants and industrial facilities, LCE can help organizations quickly and affordably deploy and evaluate using augmented reality (AR) to help solve multiple problems affecting asset-intensive workplaces: a lack of skilled workers to execute work; a lack of easily accessible, documented work instructions; and ineffective technical training for complex work.

Testing the use of AR is good way to determine if it can deliver these anticipated benefits:

  • Improve frontline worker productivity because it’s easier to complete tasks accurately and quickly
  • Reduce rework and waste, boosting profit margins
  • Improve training effectiveness, so employees can develop and use new skills faster and labor productivity increases

LCE’s Quality Work Execution Quick Start, powered by Manifest® is a package of hardware, software licenses and services. This comprehensive solution enables companies to quickly and affordably deploy and effectively evaluate using augmented reality to improve the quality of work execution. With the Quick Start customers receive a focused, 10-week project engagement with Life Cycle Engineering and Taqtile (www.Taqtile.com). This provides sufficient time to kick-start the use of Taqtile’s Manifest® technology within a customer’s work environment and organize a plan for broader adoption throughout the organization.

The quick-start approach includes:

  • Product licenses and hardware
    • A one-year Taqtile Manifest license for two augmented reality devices
    • Two HoloLens V2 or Magic Leap 1 devices
  • Services
    • A LCE Project Manager to support the administration, process, and project
    • An on-site, train-the-trainer workshop to answer questions about system administration, job authoring and job execution
    • LCE’s assistance in preparing initial equipment asset data. This typically includes multiple pieces of equipment within the 3D model optimization and configuration allowance
    • LCE’s assistance in using the customer’s source content to create three to five job plan templates complete with video, image, and bookmark notes
    • A dedicated LCE project management team during the Quick Start engagement period. This includes one-on-one teleconference meetings and remote support
    • At the conclusion of the 10-week Quick Start, a planning workshop for data transfer, solution roll-out, and deployment if needed

At the completion of the 10-week Quick Start engagement, LCE will help the Quick Start user determine if they want to continue access to the Manifest platform for the remainder of the one-year license agreement, integrate SCADA/IoT sensors, integrate with a CMMS program, and continue support with documenting asset data and creating job plan templates.

For Navy ships and shipyards, LCE can pair the expertise of its highly regarded SEA Coaches with Taqtile’s Manifest™ mixed reality platform to deliver digital transformation and productivity to frontline sailors and technicians. Read more 


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