RAM Analysis

Assets are not always designed to consider all possible failure modes. This results in assets that do not perform the required functions and meet the organization’s performance requirements.

Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) modeling looks at an asset system’s capabilities, preferably in the design phase. RAM modeling will identify potential causes of production losses and can be used to develop mitigation plans in an effort to reduce them to an acceptable risk.


Scope of Services:

LCE reliability engineering experts will:

  • Develop functional block diagrams
  • Gather reliability data, from the equipment manufacturer and or experience with similar equipment in similar service, defined as the ability of a system and its components to perform a required function under stated conditions for a stated period
  • Gather operating plan information, defined as the anticipated machine or cell production requirements
  • Review the maintainability of the assets, including design-dependent parameters pertaining to ease, accuracy, safety and economy in the performance of maintenance functions
  • Complete the RAM analysis
  • Develop design strategies to reduce unacceptable risks


LCE reliability engineering subject matter experts will engage site employees and vendors as required to complete the RAM analysis.


RAM analysis report

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