The Reliability Excellence® (Rx) Model

Sustainable world class performance begins with a solid foundation that includes reliable assets, stable and repeatable business and work processes, and a well-trained, engaged work force. Developed over the past 30 years, our Reliability Excellence implementation model provides an integrated framework for analyzing the current state of your operations against world class, industry-specific benchmarks. Our holistic implementation model is highly dependent upon effective leadership and a fully integrated change management process.

Implementing Reliability Excellence (Rx) is best viewed in a series of five discrete levels. All levels must be in place for a site to fully achieve Reliability Excellence. Each one must be implemented and solidified in turn; failure to do so will leave gaps that will make the next level much more difficult and may even jeopardize the success of the entire effort.

Life Cycle Engineering Reliability Excellence Rx Model

The five levels of Reliability Excellence are:

  1. Creating a foundation with vision and values
  2. Defining the new culture in which work is accomplished
  3. Implementing work processes that are defined, disciplined and effective
  4. Optimizing work processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  5. Measuring performance to ensure sustainability and continuous improvement

Each level has specific elements that must be in place for that level to be fully functional.

Embedded within the five levels are 29 key elements that, together, define the Reliability Excellence Model. The Excellence Model was founded on the values and tools of Six Sigma and incorporates the principles and strengths of Lean Manufacturing, Total Productive Maintenance, Total Quality Management, Maintenance Excellence™ and similar programs that define best practices, into a single, holistic, continuous improvement process. Reliability Excellence Model

With the Reliability Excellence Model as our guide we can perform an assessment of your business that establishes a current state evaluation. The Rx assessment process is designed to identify gaps or failure to meet the best-in-class practices in each of the 29 key elements. Each of the 29 elements has a direct impact on performance. Because the elements are interdependent, all elements must achieve best-in-class levels before a company can sustain an “Excellence” level of performance.

Our approach to Reliability Excellence is flexible and fully scalable to meet our clients’ specific needs. We work with our clients to develop a master plan that can range from strategic transformation to one that is targeted to resolve specific, performance-limiting tactical issues. Whether you are interested in pursuing a full transformational, holistic Reliability Excellence implementation or have more limited goals of a more robust Maintenance Excellence initiative, our “diagnose before we prescribe” philosophy ensures that we develop a solution that fits your individual needs.

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