Reliability-Centered Maintenance Study


When operations and maintenance tasks are not optimized, your most critical assets may not be receiving the right level of attention. Life Cycle Engineering, Inc. (LCE) can help you apply Reliability-Centered Maintenance strategies so that the right tasks are prescribed for execution at the right time.

LCE will evaluate your Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) program and its ability to preserve the system functionality of your critical assets. LCE experts can apply classical RCM to your critical equipment during the concept and design phase or the operational phase of your equipment’s life cycle.

Scope of Services:

  • Identify the optimal tasks and appropriate frequency for your critical assets
  • Collect data and perform equipment walk down and field inspection
  • Perform and document RCM study


The LCE subject matter expert will:

  • Work with you to determine the assets requiring RCM
  • Collect background information and data (including nameplate information, inventory and hierarchy, equipment lists, OEM manuals) to support the determination of asset capabilities and how assets should operate
  • Conduct a walkdown of assets and perform a detailed field inspection
  • Assemble and train a team of your employees who will be involved in performing the RCM study
  • Work with your team to determine risk ranking scales and perform the RCM study
  • Write a RCM report and submit it to you for feedback and final approval
  • Submit final report with attachments for upload into your database


  • Final RCM report workbook that includes:
    – Functional block diagram of system
    – FMEA
    – Task lists
    – RCM decision diagram used
    – Scales for risk ranking
    – Identified items for further action
    – Record of the steps leading to final determination


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