Upcoming Webinar: Planning Lean – Save hours on jobs by using benchmarks and standard job plans

Should every maintenance job be planned from scratch? How do you account for those “special” details not in the technical manual but important to know? According to former Maintenance Technology magazine editor, Bob Baldwin, “the smart planner taps into the collective knowledge of maintenance and reliability people and institutionalizes that knowledge in the planning process.” Specific maintenance details that can be captured and used on future jobs can make the difference between a three-hour and a ten-hour job.

How can planners capture and standardize important job details to increase craft direct utilization? This webinar will answer questions like these:

  • What’s the difference between a benchmark job and a standard job?
  • How do you determine which jobs are good candidates for a standard job plan?
  • How important is equipment history?
  • Should planners set a goal for developing standard job plans?

Join us on December 19th  for a webinar to understand how you can save time by using benchmarks and standard job plans.

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