Using AtlasSM, Manufacturers Can Implement Standard Reliability and Maintenance Processes More Quickly and More Cheaply

CHARLESTON, SC – May 1, 2019

To achieve expected production goals and service levels, operations executives need reliable, predictable, and safe performance from their asset-intensive manufacturing plants and facilities. Without reliability-centric standard practices, manufacturers can experience unnecessary downtime, missing out on performance gains, and risking health and safety issues.

Achieving operational excellence begins with assessing where current-state performance lags behind best practices and closing those gaps. Until now, it has been difficult, expensive and time-consuming for manufacturers to identify performance gaps, research best practices, and then implement them in a way that will be applied consistently across one or more manufacturing sites.

Manufacturing sites and facilities can now use Atlas, Life Cycle Engineering’s new online system, to establish best practices for asset maintenance, reliability engineering and MRO materials management.

Using Atlas to establish standard reliability-centric processes will help manufacturers and facilities:

  • Ensure that work is done consistently and according to best practices
  • Boost Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by decreasing downtime, improving quality and reducing waste
  • Train and onboard new employees more easily
  • Produce predictable and measurable results

Atlas draws from Life Cycle Engineering’s 40+ years of experience helping asset-intensive organizations achieve significant benefits: greater capacity, lower operational costs, reduced capital investment, extended asset life cycle, improved safety, and enhanced regulatory compliance.

Organizations that purchase an Atlas license get enterprise-wide, 24/7 access to workstream processes and tools, plus self-paced online training, for three areas fundamental to sustaining operational excellence: asset maintenance, reliability engineering and MRO materials management.

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Atlas Overview Video with Bill Wilder

Bill Wilder explains how Atlas can help manufacturing sites and facilities that need a cost-effective way to establish reliability-centric standard practices.

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