Webinar: 40-Year Winning Recipe for a Planning Program

Planning is the first step to any organizational initiative and many often seek to find the secret recipe for an effective planning department. We often find ourselves asking questions like: Does the recipe change as a program matures from initial installation into a mature planning program? What are the key ingredients to make sure our planning department is set-up to reduce non-productive time for people and physical assets?

Tara Holwegner, Learning SME, and Andrew Willis, Business Manager, will share Life Cycle Engineering’s 40-year recipe to a winning planning program, as well as:

  • 10 ingredients that enhance planning capability
  • Preferred portions of planned work sources
  • Recipes for simple, average and advanced planning detail
  • Formula for a Planner’s day
  • Opportunities to refine ingredient measures

Join us on February 27th at 3:00 PM EST for our free 40-Year Winning Recipe for a Planning Program webinar!

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