You Need a Well-Structured Asset Hierarchy

If you’re having trouble differentiating good from bad and identifying areas for improvement, your asset hierarchy might just be a prime area for improvement. You’ll

What Is Risk-Based Asset Management?

Balance asset productivity and maintenance (while also meeting ISO 55000 requirements) with a risk-based asset management strategy. Download this whitepaper to learn: The four essential

The Building Blocks of Digital Transformation

Seven Readiness Steps to Accelerate Industry 4.0 Success Anyone considering or beginning an Industry 4.0 strategy can avoid the obstacles with some foundational preparation. This

LCE Management of Change Download

Management of Change: An Explanation and Functional Guidelines This overview of Management of Change (MOC) explains eight common misperceptions of MOC and describes 11 elements

Risk Mitigation Whitepaper

The 2014 release of the ISO 55000 series has prompted a more structured view of how organizations should manage their physical asset portfolio. One of

Lubrication Program Self-Assessment Tool

Never underestimate the importance of an effective lubrication program. If you’re not using best practices lubrication, you’re experiencing unnecessary equipment downtime and decreased OEE.