LCE’s Asset Management System Implementation Framework

To explain how asset management systems work, LCE has developed an implementation framework model that helps companies visualize the intersection of their business processes.

AMS Framework

The Asset Management System Framework incorporates the key features of the ISO 55000 Asset Management standard. These include a demonstrated link between a company’s overall leadership and strategic planning and the resulting asset management policy, strategy, and objectives; and the ability to define how the system works. The competency and proficiency of an asset management system is largely defined through the effectiveness of the asset management capabilities. It is here where the processes, procedures and knowledge are defined and applied across all stages of the asset lifecycle. 

In these nine workstreams, LCE helps you develop the processes, procedures and knowledge required to manage the asset life cycle.

LS Tile

Leadership and Strategy

Actions and processes required to create asset management policy, strategy and objectives.

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RE Tile

Reliability Engineering

Processes for improving the total cost of ownership while optimizing the value the assets produce.

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CD Tile


Processes for deploying capital and delivering assets, optimizing cost of ownership across the life cycle.

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MM Tile

Work Management

Best practices for planning and scheduling that lower costs and improve productivity.

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MM Tile

materials MANAGEMENT

MRO and storeroom best practices that yield lower maintenance costs and improved productivity.

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OD Tile

Operator-driven Reliability

Processes for optimizing the value of assets by focusing on the development of standard work.

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STO Tile


Best practices for managing shutdowns, turnarounds and outages.

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EAM Tile


Processes to shape an EAM or CMMS system so that it supports asset management best practices.

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