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Facility Condition Assessment

Aging facilities pose huge challenges for facilities managers responsible for dependable facility operation that meets their customers’ demands. Over time, facilities need to repair, upgrade or replace their equipment to meet various goals including operating uptime, service-level, quality, and production goals. Facility leaders often lack an accurate picture of where their assets are in their useful operating life, making it difficult to develop appropriate asset management plans and capital budgets.

Our Facility Condition Assessment can provide you with accurate, objective data about the health of your assets and facilities so that you can target capital investments to meet the goals of your stakeholders. These goals could include 24/7 dependable operation, reduced risk, increased service capacity, or more growth.

When LCE assesses your facility you’ll receive:

  • An asset health index that reflects the health of your equipment, systems and facilities and where they are in their life cycle. This index can help you understand what intervention is needed and how soon – maintenance, refurbishment or planned replacement.

  • Condition assessment results that can help you design an asset management program to appropriately care for existing assets and facilities.

  • Cost analyses and timelines to help you build your capital budget.

Life Cycle Engineering’s Facility Condition Assessments are customized to meet your facility’s specific needs. Our assessments include:

  • Pre-assessment review – we’ll review your data about assets and facilities
  • On-site assessment – we’ll observe activities, interview staff, complete inspections and review specifications and modifications
  • Data analysis – we’ll analyze provided and observed data to create risk and performance recommendations
  • Asset health index – this will combine asset condition and criticality ranking
  • Executive summary – designed for executives and senior managers, this includes summary results and recommendations, immediate concerns, and cost analysis and timeline for corrective action
  • Technical report – this report includes complete documentation of findings and assessment results

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