LCE provides comprehensive integrated logistics support services which include acquisition logistics, sustainment logistics, logistics
planning, and life cycle support services for the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, Defense Logistics Agency, and Foreign Service military ships and
shipboard support systems. Services include obsolescence management, maximizing commonality across platforms, item reduction,
surface combatant availabilities/ILS certifications, control systems and HM&E asset reutilization, analyzing Class Action Advisories
(CLADs), TM conversions, training, EOSS, critical safety items policy, warehousing, alteration tracking and provisioning policy support.

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Services

Life Cycle Engineering’s (LCE) Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) team works closely with you, combining engineering/technical and
logistics expertise to provide full-service support. The team’s expertise, responsiveness and flexibility can help you optimize performance
and reduce your total cost of ownership. We have the demonstrated capability to meet current and evolving logistics requirements for
assuring that equipment and systems have end-to-end support for operational/combat readiness.

LCE’s ILS team provides logistics services designed to optimize equipment and system readiness throughout their service life, including
asset reutilization for decommissioned ships, at the lowest possible life cycle cost. With an emphasis on maintaining and supporting the
modernization of equipment, our services comply with government and military directives and established industry standards. Our full
range of logistics support services include:

Acquisition logistics

  • Provide overall program management support
  • Deliverable Review Management
  • Advanced Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Funding Analysis
  • Specification/Contract Reviews
  • Develop tailored Contract Delivery Requirements Lists
  • Provide coordination between technical and logistics organizations
  • Provide Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in all ILS elements
  • Develop Integrated Logistics Support Plans (ILSP)
  • Provide Manpower, Personnel and Training (MPT) analysis
  • Provide curriculum development (Norfolk)
  • Develop RCM Level 2 Data
  • Provide on-site test support
  • Develop test plans/procedures

Sustainment/Life Cycle Logistics

  • Provide subject matter expertise in Supply Support, Planned Maintenance System (PMS), Technical Manuals (TMs) and current development
  • ILS certifications
  • Provide maintenance availability logistics support
  • Develop configuration overhaul planning (COP) data
  • Provisioning/APL development and update via ICAPS
  • Provide alteration and maintenance ILS support
  • Develop TMs; perform IETM and AIMSS conversion
  • Conduct “Backfit” RCM analysis and develop/ modify existing PMS
  • Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS)/Obsolescence Management support (includes tech refreshes)
  • Life-of-type buy analyses, shelf life management, PBL support, warranty management, spares assessments, and CASREP support
  • Supportability planning and assessments
  • Class advisory (CLAD) analysis and database maintenance

Technical Support

  • Obsolescence/DMSMS
  • Technical referrals
  • Life-of-type buys

IT Services

  • Program application development
  • Database hosting
  • Data backup storage, data integration, and analyses of Navy, DLA, and commercial database information

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