Predictive Maintenance Program Design

For organizations with no formal PdM program, LCE can design a PdM program that uses appropriate technology to identify failure modes at the lowest cost.

LCE's Reliability Engineer will collaborate with the site’s reliability team to determine or review asset criticality, review work and asset history, assess operational schedules and determine the most cost-effective coverage, technologies, and frequencies for predicting critical or reoccurring failure modes. Our experts will help evaluate the total program scope and offer insights into the ideal deployment method.


This service is customized to meet your needs. It is deployed with an onsite visit and complete, written design and business case report following the onsite session. The overall duration will depend on the size of the facility and the number of assets to be included in the program. Although PdM program design can be performed as a stand-alone service, it is best leveraged combined with other asset reliability consulting services.

PdM Program Design Elements

  • Design single and multiple PdM technologies for proper asset coverage under one managed program
  • Determine appropriate technology per asset
  • Identify and recommend solutions for accessibility issues
  • Establish data collection frequency based on criticality, failure cycle, part availability, maintenance lead time and replacement value
  • Determine appropriate data collection hardware and associated software/database deployment
  • Partner with third party PdM vendors to position an all-inclusive solution
  • Provide repair-versus-replace considerations
  • Recommend resource requirements and deployment approach
  • Design best practices for program and routine workflow within your normal maintenance practices
  • Implement within your maintenance management system
  • Develop key performance indicators and program metrics
  • Determine specific hardware and software needs
  • Create a business plan and projected benefits to implement your strategy
  • Design for the future - Industry 4.0 and AI

PdM Program Design Benefits

  • Fast results 
  • Minimized program costs
  • Adoption of appropriate technology to identify failure modes at the lowest cost
  • Clear alignment with your existing PM and workflow processes
  • Insight into total resource requirement so optimal implementation approach is established

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