Program Support Services

Life Cycle Engineering's (LCE) full spectrum of program support capabilities include:

Program Management

The key to successful program management support is providing personnel with the right skill sets and experience level. Whether it is providing senior managers, experienced subject matter experts, accounting or budget professionals, IT/network managers, or administrative support staff, our staff of experienced personnel represents a broad cross section of available knowledge, skills and abilities to meet any management challenge. One of the keys to successfully managing and completing any program is the development of a comprehensive Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M). Our significant experience supporting major programs allows us to offer senior and mid-level management support in the development of program and project plans, budget submissions, financial management and engineering management utilizing all of the latest resources available. Support is available for either discrete phases or the total life of the program, or at a much lower level for individual projects within an established program. Additionally, support is offered for full time or “surge” requirements for general administrative support.

Project Management

Each program requires various levels of project management. LCE provides project management support in the areas of material requisition, program analysis and report generation, and financial modeling, BFM support, analysis and reporting.

Programmatic Support

All programs require some degree of support at various points in the life of a program. This support can include program review, meeting coordination, presentation preparation, materials creation, meeting execution, note taking, and action item follow-up. Our experience supporting major programs at all levels allows us to offer high quality, experienced personnel to support general administrative requirements.

We have successfully assembled a staff of management professionals with academic credentials, professional certifications and the direct, practical experience necessary to assist in managing any program or project, from the smallest effort to major multi-year acquisition or business support programs.

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