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RCM Online Training (eRCM)

eRCM integrates content from our Risk-Based Asset Management course with the prevailing Reliability Centered Maintenance standards and decades of best-practice benchmarking into a performance-driven, self-paced online solution.

  • Create a set of standard processes and tools
  • Onboard employees faster
  • Reach geographically dispersed teams
  • Use learning checks to validate competency
  • Access the resource library containing practical tools, templates and guides

Practical Content

Many organizations have been unsuccessful in implementing RCM because they failed to translate or act on data, had undefined plans and objectives, or lacked organizational competency and support.

eRCM was designed by certified maintenance and reliability professionals and certified learning professionals to create a cutting-edge and relevant learning experience that emphasizes practical application and action.

Based on decades of experience, we have found that organizations that consider business risk and program optimization will have a more successful RCM program. eRCM gives learners the resources and practice to effectively integrate risk and optimization through an FMEA and RCM analysis, asset hierarchy, asset criticality, equipment maintenance plans, and PM optimization.

  • Build a business case for an RCM program and explore different RCM implementation approaches
  • Analyze an asset’s failure risks in a failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)
  • Apply a proven framework to select and justify maintenance strategies
  • Measure progress and create action plans for improvement

eRCM is part of the Reliability Engineering Certification program

Who Will Benefit

People responsible for equipment asset lifecycle management, from concept to decommissioning.

  • Project Engineers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Engineering Technicians

Price: $995
Discounted group rates available, and options for an unlimited user license hosted on your own system.


  • Introduction to RCM
  • RCM is strategic to the business
  • Asset hierarchy
  • Asset criticality analysis
  • Operational context, functions and performance standards
  • Documenting the RCM analysis in an FMEA
  • Selecting the right maintenance strategy
  • Equipment maintenance plan (EMP)
  • RCM program approach
  • KPIs, metrics and continuous improvement
  • PM Optimization
  • Facilitating RCM

Course Info:
0.6 CEUs (6 hours seat time)

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