Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)

If your company lacks internal resources dedicated to identifying and resolving limiting factors, your assets and processes are probably underperforming. Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) can help by performing Root Cause Failure Analysis. LCE will provide an experienced reliability engineer to resolve your chronic quality, reliability, cost or other problems.  Our engineers have earned an international reputation by resolving difficult, often complex problems. 


Scope of Services:

  • Define the problem or problems
  • Perform a full Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) analysis 
  • Develop recommended solutions 
  • Document the RCA effort and provide recommendation for cost-effective, permanent solution


The LCE Reliability Engineer or subject matter expert will:

  • Meet with plant personnel to clearly understand and define the problem or problems
  • Collect background information and data to support a full understanding of the issue
  • Perform a full RFCA that will identify the cause or causes of the defined problem
  • Develop recommended solutions for the defined problem and validate their technical and financial feasibility
  • Measure the results of the implementation to determine if root causes were fully addressed
  • Prepare a report that documents the entire RCFA effort and provides specific recommendations for a cost-effective, permanent solution
  • Standardize improvement and expand solutions to other applicable areas within your facility


  • Definition of problem with business case for improvement
  • Identification of root cause(s)
  • Report documenting RCFA effort and recommendations for cost-effective, permanent solution
  • Assistance in measuring and communicating your success to show the return on investment of resolving the problem


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