Meet Our SEA Coaches Video

Rick Boncal, Life Cycle Engineering Vice President, introduces the program and explains how it helps Navy sailors build self-sufficiency with maintenance and repair.

Sailor Training and Ship Maintenance Video

Pete Thomas, LCE’s Vice President, Operations explains the training and services LCE provides for U.S. Navy ship maintenance


A snapshot of our SEA Coach Program
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SEA Coach® Program

Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) provides the certified leadership and resources to help U.S. Navy ships assess their shipboard equipment, correct equipment casualties, ensure configuration control, improve self-sufficiency, increase operational availability and improve readiness.


LCE has a long history of providing top-notch subject matter experts (SMEs) in support of the waterfront. To build on this success and address the needs of the deck plate sailor, LCE has developed the Shipboard Equipment Assessment Coach (SEA Coach®) Program. To become a SEA Coach an individual must certify via a rigorous, ISO-compliant certification process that includes an assessment of technical knowledge and mentoring/communication abilities.

A SEA Coach is an SME with extensive experience in ship equipment operation and maintenance. Our involvement increases crew self-sufficiency and operational availability, while reducing crew maintenance time, thereby improving fleet readiness.

LCE SEA Coaches:

  • Help U.S. Navy crews assess their shipboard equipment and provide technical support for evaluating and correcting fleet equipment discrepancies.
  • Increase crew self-sufficiency and operational availability, while reducing crew maintenance time, thereby improving fleet readiness.
  • Improve maintenance availability planning, accuracy of the Current Ships Maintenance Project (CSMP), and oversee equipment repair.
  • Provide troubleshooting, fault isolation, root cause analysis, logistical support, system restoration and maximum deck plate training to Ship’s Force (SF) personnel including distance support and over-the-shoulder training to help individuals become more self-sufficient.
  • Actively review remote equipment performance data and engage in a two-way distance support process that ensures optimal equipment operation and enhanced equipment availability.

Project Profile:

LCEs SEA Coaches Cost-Effectively Keep ACU4s LCAC Mission Ready

LCE’s SEA Coaches Provide Training to Keep the Mine Counter Measures Fleet Mission Ready

Read more about our SEA Coach Program:

LCE's SEA Coach Program.pdf


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