How We Can Help

How We Can Help

People and process. Assets and technology. Productivity and profitability.

Align your people, processes, physical assets and technology to create a smart operation. We can help with LCEsmartr consulting, education, talent and our LCEsmartr Playbook.

Are you experiencing challenges like these?

  • Top-down pressure to cut costs or increase throughput
  • Difficulty finding, keeping and training the right people to support your vision
  • High expectations to immediately meet production goals through installing new production lines or starting new plants
  • Talk about digital transformation with no real path to get there

We can help overcome them through:

  • Alignment on goals and objectives
  • Integration of technology
  • Sustainable cost structure
  • Efficient and effective standard work processes
  • Regulatory compliance and safe work environments
  • Flexibility and agility to adapt
  • Better data-driven decisions in real time

We call this smart operations, and it starts with a smart culture.

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LCEsmartr Consulting and Services

Your operation. Your people. Our support. Our consultant teams dive into your operation to build the program that gets your operation where you want it to be. We bring decades of experience in the field to implement the proven best practices for asset management to your business.

commercial services - Life Cycle Engineering

LCEsmartr Training

World-class programs built by experts in instructional design, facilitated by experts in asset management and reliability who truly care about solving difficult problems, supporting people’s development, and helping clients achieve the best outcomes.

Commercial services - Life Cycle Engineering

LCEsmartr Playbook

A self-guided, interactive, digital toolkit and curated body of knowledge to accelerate your asset management, reliability and digital operations journey. LCEsmartr Playbook comes complete with standard work packages, change management plans, practitioner tools, and eLearning.

Commercial Services - Life Cycle Engineering

LCEsmartr Talent

We can supplement your team with highly qualified full-time or part-time subject matter experts to complement your existing workforce – whether it’s reliability engineers or maintenance management resources.


1. Investing in technology in isolation causes a disconnect with the organization’s people, process and tools, and everything continues to operate in reactive and uncoordinated ways, preventing physical assets from living up to the ‘smart’ promise.

2. Fundamental concerns – Asset management and reliability programs continue to fall short in achieving reliability engineering, risk management, standardized processes, and continuous improvement goals. These core foundations are necessary to create a sustainable, reliable environment that enables advanced technologies and predictive analytics.

We're here to help you address the challenges and capture the opportunity of the digital industrial age.

A smart operation is the goal.
A smart culture is the formula.